Toyota Supra JDM

Toyota Supra JDM

This car was a prelude to my Dream Car list.

Back when i bought this it just wasn’t as popular as they are today.

Before Fast and Furious the Toyota Supra JDM was still a very decent car but it was overlooked by many for just being a bit of a fat 2nd rate distant cousin of the much more rewarding Skyline GTR.

At this point there was no way i could afford the Nissan so after having a Subaru WRX whilst i lived in Cornwall (very handy with all the little winding and narrow country lanes) i returned to Ipswich and fancied something else.

The Scooby had been a fantastic piece of kit but i’d had it near 4 to 5 years at this point so for me that was a miracle.

Anyway as always i grabbed the autotrader and began a new search.

Twin Turbo

Casting my mind back before i went to Cornwall i had owned and been very proud of owning a Nissan 300zx twin turbo.

That got me thinking, couldn’t have another 300zx but did love the feel of a 6 cylinder with a twin turbo.

Perhaps a Toyota Supra JDM Twin Turbo would fit the bill.

Tracking one down

Back when i was looking thankfully the Supra was overlooked and the prices reflected it.

I managed to find a fantastic Imported Supra with the removable roof with around 50k miles and a few very nice upgrades.

One evening Dad and i headed off to Northampton to have a look and as i recall had a bit of trouble finding the owners house as it was on one of these new estates where the roads seemed to have no start or ending, just round and round!

Anyway eventually finding it i knocked on the door and was greeted by a man mountain, this chap was mahoosive and i felt like a little kid standing next to him.

Now he opened up the car and flipped the bonnet, all looked very tidy and well looked after.

Interior was in pukka condition and the bodywork looked spot on. I walked round the car checking it over and nearly fell over when i saw the size of the Blitz exhaust. I could almost stick my entire foot in it.

He started it and it was initially very loud from cold but once it warmed up and the revs died down it sounded great.

Test Drive

The test drive was going to be interesting.

If any of you have sat in a Supra you’ll know that they are not that spacious.

I jumped in passenger seat and sat back in amazement watching this bloke having to remove the roof to even be able to get in the car. With the roof off it was still a real struggle for this chap to get himself in.

Apparently he was only a fraction of the size he was now when he bought it and originally fitted in no problem. As much as he loved the car he simply had to sell it just because of his newly acquired bulk. This was weightlifting bulk not just fat. Even a diet was never gonna get him back in comfortably!

Back on track.

We set off and with some pace too. He was not afraid to put his foot down at all. The car performed far beyond what i thought. He then mentioned a few upgrades which he said pushed the power to just over 400bhp.

It had been remapped, new air filter and larger intake and silicon hoses plus a rather large intercooler squeezed in the front which he said involved removing the active front splitter that came as standard on Supras.

After the drive i was smitten and proceeded to negotiate and ended up paying £5000 which i was more than pleased with considering mileage, upgrades and the fact it also came with BBS alloys.


The drive home was a mix of highs and lows really.

Dad drove my Scooby and i got in the Supra. Within 10 minutes we were lost and somehow ended up on a piece of dual carriageway that hadn’t even been finished. God knows how we got on it but after a short drive i thought where the hell is everyone. We then came to a dead end and had to turn round and head back.

Thankfully we stumbled into a petrol station and got directions and some much needed fuel.

A couple of hours later we were home and i mentioned to Dad that now i had the new car would he like the Subaru.

I owed Dad about a grand and we decided that the Subaru would more than cover what i owed so that was it.

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