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Focus ST Far from Stock

My Current Vehicle

Just thought i’d share with you what i currently drive.

Basically after my Son moved on from his Fiesta Zetec s he fancied something with a bit more road presence and Power.

A quick visit to Car Store later and I was taken out for a ride in his new car which was a facelift Focus ST.

Straight from just the initial starting of it and hearing the 5 pot rumble i was thinking i’d really like to have a bit of that.

Then after actually getting on the road and having a quick ride round with him i knew i’d just have to have one.

Here’s a picture of his just for reference:

We’ve called it the Chav Wagon!


It’s a fair bit different from the day he bought it. Passed on the craze for cars i think.

Anyway after looking round for a bit and coming close to buying a black pre facelift ST i was all of a sudden hit in the face with a newly advertised Silver ST with some very tasteful mods already fitted.

The previous owner had thrown money at it and was a serious petrol head so i was already imagining it sat on my driveway looking all pretty!

Picked it up fairly locally considering how dead my hometown of Ipswich is for cars unless you’re buying new.

Here’s a picture of my new pride and joy:


It was a lovely day when we collected it and we had a great time driving back down the A12 just testing it. Had been a while since i’ve had a turbo and i’d forgotten just how responsive they are.

For a car from 2007 it was in exceptional condition and came with an entire collection of Standard parts with the sale.

A new journey had began for me again with getting it meticulously cleaned and adding a few more bits just to make it my own.

Here’s a link to a video i’ve got on youtube showing around the car and a little drive of it.  YouTube video

If you read through my RS Vents Do i dare DIY post you’ll see one of the mods i’ve done since getting it.

So far this has been fabulous and one of the most enjoyable cars i’ve had to drive in my long history of cars. Strangely it’s also been one of the cheapest by far.

I’m gonna leave it there and i’ll add some more of the story of this car as the site grows.

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