Focus ST Mods

Focus ST Mods

In this article i’m gonna go through my own car as it has a few changes and what i would recommend to anyone with a standard ST.

Most ST owners seem to have the same sort of taste when it comes to modifying and as it’s a really decent car for the money it’s a great starting place for many.

Exterior Upgrades 

One of my personal favourite Focus ST mods and also one of the easiest is just a simple switch over to the Zunsport Grille which has a profound effect on the front of the car.

With the addition of the grille it highlights the intercooler which in my eyes just makes the front look way more purposeful.

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Adding a new Rear Diffuser is another really nice mod which just gives the rear a much more RS look and as again these are fairly cheap to buy and easy to fit it’s a bit of a no brainer. Makes even standard exhaust pipe look nice but for full effect it’s worth getting some larger tips to finish the look off.

Decals can make or break the ST so i’ve always preferred something a bit subtle. Again these fo the most part can be fitted at home unless you opt for a really large type in which case i’d recommend getting a professional to do it so you don’t have a wrinkly looking splodge of vinyl sat on your pride and joy.

Window Tints are one of the most common things i’ve seen on ST’s and again these are a bit of a definite thing to do as it doe not impede on visability to any great degree and just looks fantastic.

Another real game changer for ST’s are swapping over from the Standard Alloys to something nice like Zito 935 alloys, Bola B1’s or a swap over for original RS items.

I much prefer the look of 19 inch wheels on the ST which does make the ride a little rougher but definitely worth the trade off for the improved looks


Now mine has a few little extras fitted but as a whole the ST is a fairly pleasant place to be anyway.

First there is a Flat bottomed steering wheel which looks very similar to standard.

I took the time to cover the stereo fascia and gear stick surround with some carbon fibre wrap which is a dirt cheap mod but looks far better than just the plain black plastic.

Recaro Gel badges on the seat backs in the front and rear are cheap but a bugger to fit in my experience.

Next is a custom alloy gear knob with the ST logo etched in.. Real decent quality item which weirdly changes the entire feel of changing gear. This is paired with a short shift kit. Once again it’s dead cheap and surprisingly easy to fit just with removing the gear gaitor.

Footwell lighting is fitted as standard but for some reason Ford did not fit the bulbs. I chose a blue bulb to match the other blue in my car.

Now on mine there is also an additional Prosport Turbo gauge in the dash heater vent closest to the driver. Recommended if you are running more power as the Ford one on the top of the dash is not even close to being accurate.

Engine and Engine Bay

The ST goes well anyway and has a good mount of torque.. This is usually not enough though after a while with a heap of ST owners..

Remapping is available from a good number of Companies. Mine has been done by Dreamscience and is approx 335bhp with the aid of an upgraded Airtec intercooler, RS injectors, clutch and plugs. Milltek ultimate catback exhaust and decat.

Forge actuator and recirculating valve.

There’s a few pop and bangs but nothing over the top, just a nice rumble to enhance the 5 pot sound.

There’s a Wisbech Crossover pipe and air filter, a rather sweet looking looking Anembo Plenum and Engine cover plus various other Carbon covers splashed around.

The Ecu was relocated with an RS Housing to allow enough room for the massive airfilter.

It has a Summit Racing strutt brace to help stop the flex after replacing the suspension with Bilstein B8 shocks and Cobra Springs.

Odds and sods

Just some extra little bits like painting the wheel hubs and repainting the Brake calipers.

Applying some new fog light bulbs and licence plate bulbs with far brighter led units.

Also for about a pound i wrapped the fog light lenses with yellow film from ebay.

The wing mirrors have been swapped with newer versions and the covers swapped from colour coded silver to black.


I’m sure there’s more and i’ll add to it if i think of anything.

I’ll also place a link to a youtube video of a walkaround and quick drive in case anyone’s interested in looking..

Click link here—

Thanks for reading – please share or leave comments and i will reply

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