RS Bonnet Vents – Do i dare DIY?

RS Bonnet Vents – The Decision

I’ve always loved a vented bonnet right back from my days of owning a Ford Escort RS Turbo MK2 and upon my purchasing a Focus ST i knew i’d likely want to get some fitted… In my opinion they looked fantastic on the RS focus.

Watched a few videos on YouTube and read up where i could to see if my limited talent would be sufficient to fit them myself.

Decided i’d try mainly because i knew a replacement bonnet wasn’t too expensive if i messed it up.



Decision made i was now looking for the best place to get my RS Bonnet Vents.

Few places had them but in the end i found a set on Ebay that fitted the bill, also if needed i could buy the covers to fit underneath from the same place… Hit the buy it now button and sat back and waited for them to arrive.


Whilst waiting i had to remove the rather flashy under bonnet mirrors that had been installed to make way.

Luckily these came off easy and left very little mess… The vents arrived and i got straight on with getting the templates in place making ready for the outline to start cutting.

Still can’t believe i was gonna start hacking at my bonnet, made me feel a little sick at just the thought of it!


Cutting the Bonnet

After covering all of the engine bay, wings and windscreen it was time to take the plunge.

I’d bought a dremel cutting disc to use for the corners and tight stuff and also had a grinder with the finest cutting disc possible.

Put my safety specs on and leaned in to begin the first cut. vent-cut

Too late to stop now. I’d started with the dremel as it seemed far less harsh than a grinder but it took ages to get anywhere.

Anyway after what appeared to me was hours i’d got the first hole cut out, pretty neatly too if i do say so myself.

Quick cuppa and a few puffs of strawberry milkshake vape and i was ready for number 2… Done the next far quicker.

Ran a file over to smooth the edges and stood back to admire my work.

Fitting the RS Bonnet Vents

vent-in    vent-under

Tiger Seal in hand i started applying it liberally on the rear of the vents to make sure they would stick well in place.

Squashed them in place and tried removing the worst of the seal that had squelched out from around the sides.

Thought far easier to get off now rather than having to deal with it once dried.

Got some tubing and taped them across the vents to hold them down until the Tiger seal had dried off overnight.

Time to be patient and wait 24hrs for it all to set.


The Result

Woke up early next morning eager to see what all my hard work had come out like.

After removing the vast amount of tape i’d applied i was relieved and rather pleased at the result.


As always i welcome comments and any questions you may have.

Links provided for Vents i used..

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