Best Car Cleaning Tips

clean-carHere’s a little overview of my best car cleaning tips and the order i do them.

I’ll walk you through as if i’ve just picked up a new (used) car as i’m a little fussy and like to get rid of the previous owners muck and grime!!

Start inside

Now as i’m a bit OCD about cleanliness the first thing i always tackle if the areas of high traffic on the interior.

In my opinion the Best car cleaning tips start with Steering wheel, Gearknob, indicator stalks and pretty much anything that previous grubby hands would’ve touched on a very regular basis. After watching an episode of Top Gear many years ago where they tested used BMW’s and swabbed all the areas and found some quite disgusting results i have since been cleaning the interiors thoroughly..

I’ll simply just start with using baby wipes to get years of grime off, you’ll be surprised how much dirt comes off a steering wheel for a start.

Once i’ve wiped down all of the plastic and vinyl type areas and even the headlining on some occasions i’ll just get some valeting foam to give the seats a go over or if fitted with leather seats i’ll treat them to a clean and apply some leather balm to soak in and nourish the leather to help stop cracking etc.

I’ll use Dash Dandy to give the plastic parts a nice shiny look once cleaned.

Depending on how dirty the carpets are sometimes it just needs a good hoover but i’ve also had cars where it looks like a farmer with wellies on has been driving so it will also get a good scrubbing too and a go over with a wet vac.

Car Wash

Best car cleaning tip is to begin with the wheels first. I generally use Demon Shine alloy cleaner as it’s reasonably priced and very effective. Liberally apply to one wheel at a time. Leave it a couple of mins and then agitate it before getting in to clean it.

Use a mit just specially for the wheels. Once done, rinse off and move to the next.

On the car bodywork Initially to help soften up any dirt beforehand i find it’s best to just hose down the car so it’s wet before you start.

The 2 bucket method (one filled with car shampoo and the other just clean water) is a great idea as each time you’ll be getting the worst muck off before putting your wash mit back on the car. Rinsing the mit after each application

Best to start from the roof and work down as all the lather will have a chance to run down and soak into the dirtiest lower half of the car before you even get to it.

Be methodical and make sure you cover every inch until you’ve reached the bottom.

Now get your hose and thoroughly rinse the entire car, again work top to bottom.

Don’t forget to get in and around wheel arches and panel gaps.


For many years i used a vented Chamois and was always pleased at how quickly it removed the water but recently i was introduced to a micro fibre drying towel and this has been an absolute revelation.

The Drying Towel has been a fantastic addition and makes getting the standing water off a complete breeze.

With very little pressure applied it pretty much leaves the whole area streak free and dry

I highly recommend getting these for your cleaning kit if you haven’t tried one.

tyresTyre Dressing

This is one of the things that most people overlook but just make the extra effort and do it because having nice fresh looking black rubber instead of faded grey tyres will make a world of difference and will also make your alloys stand out way better than before

Questions or comments

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