Buying my Dream Car Part 4

Buying my Dream Car

After having a couple of Porsche 996’s and loving every minute of the experience i’d now met a young lady thanks in part to my rather lovely Porsche 996 C4s. It was a coincidence really as it was a relationship that started across a desk at work and we just got chatting about cars etc.

The Porsche had definitely opened the door as it were! Anyway after much soul searching i just knew it was time to move on from my dear friend the 996. Goodbye to another of my Dream Cars.

Luckily i managed to sell the car back to the dealer i had bought it from which was well handy as it now gave me cash in hand to go looking again.

This was gonna be a semi forced decision because at the time my Dad was dying of late stage prostate cancer and i needed something to easily get him in and out of on our frequent visits to the hospital for his chemo and radiotherapy.

The choice was limited to something big and upright but me being me had to also have something a little bit entertaining so i thought i’d plump for a Range Rover Sport.

I tried the Diesel model first and within five minutes just knew this hulking great lump was far too dull to drive.

Ok i thought, try again but this time found a 4.2 v8 Supercharged petrol version which would at least have a bit of go in it.

Test driving the v8 really made all the difference, it surged when you put your foot down and the supercharger whine was great.

That’ll do me for both jobs, fun and fast, comfy plus an easy to access taxi so i looked round and found the spec i liked.

Owning my Dream Car

Before i knew it i was behind the Wheel of a Top of the range Black 4.2 v8 supercharged Range Rover Sport.

As i said it was a semi forced choice and may not have been what i’d have chosen under different circumstances but after using it for a while i was really pleased overall.

It did what i needed and made my Hospital visits with Dad so much easier. Also at this time the Mrs and i were doing up her newly aquired house and this car was as good as having a van once the seats were put down so it came in really handy for transporting numerous large items including the carpet for pretty much all of her house!

I almost lost track of how many fish tanks we picked up for each of our houses and other pieces of furniture through my ownership.

Even with this car i had to make some minor alterations to personalise it a bit, less than usual but i had a go and bought some angel eyes to fit in the headlights. Bit of a nightmare to do but in the end i really liked the difference it made.

Aside from that a stereo update and i applied some tint to the rear lights to give them a smoked look and that was it.

The Rear light tints complimented the tinted windows and it looked a fairly mean looking vehicle.

Did it live up to Expectations

This is a car that surprised me almost from the first day i had it. Even the initial drive home which included a rather spirited half hour or so on the M25 was a bit of an eye opener. The acceleration of such a large vehicle was great whilst being sat in relative comfort and feeling a distance away from other road users. Must have just been the height of it and the fact that it was so quiet with all the windows up. Before i knew it i was home.

Obviously being such a large and fast car the petrol consumption was not the best but on a run it was bearable.

The interior was a bit plasticy compared to a full fat range rover vogue or something but it was still a very nice place to be.

Would i have another?

To be 100% honest as good as the Range Rover Sport was i think if i had to have another 4 x 4 luxury vehicle i’d more than likely opt for the Porsche Cayenne again.

The build quality was good and i never had any issues with it but it just doesn’t feel as premium as the Cayenne.

Looks wise the Range Rover is a much nicer bit of kit but once inside the Cayenne knocks spots off it.

The general running price is fairly even between the two and my money would go Porsche’s way if i had to chose again.

Personal Conclusion

All in all this car fitted the bill for me at that time and it’s another car i’ve been more than happy with. It provided me with a 2 for 1 sort of deal with it’s van like practicality and just enough luxury to feel special.

These days they can be picked up cheap and are a real bargain if you don’t mind stopping at most petrol stations!

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