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Well this weekend my son and i thought we’d undertake one simple task and another which with the introduction of Frost in the uk would be beneficial…

Simple task was just to swap over the headlight bulbs in my Son’s Focus ST.

Sounds easy enough we thought… We removed the headlights to allow plenty of room to just undo the old and replace with new…

It seems we were in for a shock, upon opening the back we initially couldn’t even get the old ones out.

After some swearing and bruised knuckles we finally managed to get them out.  To our surprise after getting them out we had the replacements for a standard Focus and not for the ST…  Back to the drawing board and re-order of the correct ones!!

So onto task number 2 which was trying to figure out why his heated windscreen only worked on one side, passenger side unfortunately..

Off came the wipers and scuttle panel to reveal a rather dark grubby area.. We tracked down the connection to the window and discovered the earth strap had snapped, not surprising really as it’s wafer thin and very close proximity to the wiper motor..

Perhaps trying to solder the broken parts back together would work we thought.

With only a couple of mm’s showing there was just no chance so as the light was fading on another dull uk day we packed up, came in and tried to forget what an absolute waste of an afternoon it had been!

Now waiting for new bulbs so we can try again…

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