Zunsport Grille review

Zunsport Woven Mesh Grilles

This will be a look at the very popular upgrade Woven Mesh Grilles offered by Zunsport uk for a large selection of vehicles including Hot Hatches, Premium Sports cars,4 x 4’s,Motorhomes and Vans.

Zunsport can also offer a fully custom-built Grille if your make or model is not listed, if you need to contact please use this link: info@zunsport.co.uk.

There are made from quality stainless steel mesh which are available in silver, black anodised or chrome.

They will provide great protection for your vehicle helping to protect either the radiator or intercooler which are in a really susceptible area.

Also helps to prevent the ingress of leaves and other debris from entering the front the vehicle.

Each Grille is an easy to fit item which has been designed to fit the aperture perfectly.

Now for the purposes of the write up and review i will concentrate on the FORD FOCUS ST which i personally have my vehicle and can advise you on the fitment and final result but i’ll also include some pictures of some other makes and models for reference.

Makes covered

Audi, Bentley, BMW, Chrysler, Citroen, Fiat, Ford, Honda, Isuzu, Land Rover, Mazda, Mercedes, MG, Mini, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Peugeot, Porsche, Range Rover, Renault, SAAB, Subaru, Toyota, Vauxhall and VW.

Here’s a few pictures to show the options available.


With my own Focus ST mk2 i bought this grille after seeing on a few other Focus’s in the local area.

I presumed it would not take too much effort to get it fitted.

Upon receipt of the Grille i opened it to find firstly the Grille and the required pieces to fit it BUT also included was a simple to read and make sense of fitting instruction.

I proceeded to get the original Ford plastic grille off which after a quick nose on YouTube was relatively easy with the aid of some plastic prying tools so as not to scratch the surrounding paintwork.

Now after getting it off it was simply a case of getting the area cleaned up after a few years of grime and muck had deposited themselves there. With the area all clean i unwrapped the new grille and began to offer it up into position.

It was a damn good fit and the grille came with tabs in the correct places to get it positioned correctly.

Before using the fasteners to secure properly i stepped back to admire the new grille and make sure it all lined up and sat flush with the rest of the front bumper.

This really opened up the front of my ST to the point where i could see my Airtec Intercooler as clear as a bell from a good distance. It was so clear i decided to make the Airtec Logo stand out even more.

Really pleased with this new addition i got the fasteners fitted to make it a permanent fix.

See below a nice before and after


Prices and where to buy

With all the various models available i can’t possibly list all the prices but i can help you with securing a nice little discount on any model you require.

Simply use my code to secure 15% off any item listed direct through Zunsport.com

Discount CODE: CJ101519


Ford Focus ST Exhaust System – Pops and Bangs!

Fancy a few pops and bangs and just a generally better sounding exhaust.

Pops and Bangs

Once again i’m here giving my opinion on something i’ve actually got fitted myself and can give an honest review of it after a good few months of use. The good, bad and the ugly!

Milltek UltimateMilltek Ulimate

This is a full stainless exhaust (304L aircraft grade) with a 3″ bore all the way from the CAT to the Tips.

Depending on your flavour it’s available non resonated or resonated.

Obviously the non resonated is a fair bit louder but if your fitting it on your Focus ST it enhances the burble from the 5 pot engine no end and gives some gorgeous off throttle pops.

There are different choices of finish for the exhaust tips (polished, cerakote, titanium, and carbon) but to add to the whole menacing look of the rear of a Focus ST with an upgraded diffuser i personallly think the cerakote black works well and it’s what mine has.

Cat, Sports cat or Decat

With the standard Cat fitted it will still sound great, However a little quiet and will pass straight through an MOT.

Sports Cat will greatly improve the overall sound and flow of the exhaust so a little power will be gained also.

Another plus is you’ll notice some pops here and there and if it’s also been remapped then expect quite a few.

Decatting is the way to get the full effect of the sound and the power increase, it just seems to have zero resistance and once on Boost the sound is intoxicating.. The only real downside is an increase in drone and the fact you’ll need to switch it over before an MOT but the payoff is definitely worth it.

Having the Decat also will make all the popping and banging that much more intense. Just makes the whole experience of driving an ST that much more exciting somehow.


These do vary greatly in price depending on where you pick them up from and on which options you add.

I’ve seen them from around £600+ right upto £1000

I admit they are not cheap but quality stuff never is and these Milltek Systems are top notch.

They will handle all weather conditions and survive for many years so when you think about it the price of replacing a Ford Focus ST exhaust system every couple of years with an original piece from the dealer it begins to make even more sense.

Here’s a very small clip of a couple of revs with the Milltek and a Decat.



Ford Focus RS Spoiler – Maxton Replica

Here’s another great item to spice up your Focus ST

Maxton Replica Ford Focus RS Spolier

Is your standard ST spolier just not big and bold enough for you? Maxton-RS

Only one way to remedy that and that’s to go with the RS version.. Original ones are silly money and just not that easy to get hold of due to the demand but the replica is a definite worthwhile alternative.. Ok it’s only gonna come ready primed but even if you pay for a professional spray job it’s still gonna be way cheaper than getting one of the originals.

Now if you fancy a bit of DIY it can be quite easily sprayed by yourself as most people just do them Gloss black which is a really cheap colour to buy whether you have a compressor and spray gun or if you are really daring and patient it is possible to just do with rattle cans.

Will it fit directly on Focus ST?

The Ford Focus RS Spoiler is pretty much a direct fit.

When fitting all we had to do was slightly open up the area made for the brake light (used original from the ST spolier) and also had to make slightly more room to allow the hose for the rear screen washer pipe to fit through and fit snug in the apeture for the light.

All the screw holes lined up almost perfectly with only the smallest amount of jiggling to get it finally into place..

Completed Fitment

Once the spolier is fully fitted and you stand back to admire you work the difference it makes to the overall look of the car is quite astounding.

From the rear it just makes the whole car look more purposeful and somehow lower and wider and from the side view it just appears to change the entire profile.

I do speak from experience here as one of these was added to my son’s car by us two and it’s turned a reasonably stock looking ST into something really closely resembling a genuine RS. Maxton

Price and availablity

There are a few places to buy from and they all seem to be around £149.99

There is a waiting time of approx 2 to 4 weeks for delivery

Here is a link if you are interested

Ford Focus RS Spolier


Review of Focus ST 225 Custom Gear Knob

This is just a quick review of my recent purchases.

The Focus ST mk2 comes with a fairly nice leather wrapped Gear Knob as standard which is fairly decent anyway but for those of you looking for a change or simply want to make a switch just to make it feel a little more personalised  i’ll give you my thoughts on the M-tech Custom alloy i used for my own car.


This is a machined alloy Gear Knob with either a large ST logo or the 6 speed shift gate with a smaller ST logo on the bottom
Approx :90MM in length and 40MM diameter
Weight: 250 Grams
Price: £31.00

Available with different finishes including: Machine polished or Brushed.

Carbon wrap combination can be applied as an addition with an extra charge of £8 per colour: BLUE, BLACK or RED

The Gear Knob is a direct replacement and will screw fit straight on and has an indent to allow the original gaitor to fit.


Very nicely made. Engraving is superb

Great price and Delivery free

Fits very well

Looks great and fits in with other trim in the Focus ST


Due to being solid alloy gets very cold in winter


In my opinion i rate this very highly and have found it really nice to use and just a classy looking extra. Highly recommended.

9 out of 10

If this is an item of interest please follow my links to the site

Focus ST mk2 225 M-Tech Gear Knob



Focus ST Far from Stock

My Current Vehicle

Just thought i’d share with you what i currently drive.

Basically after my Son moved on from his Fiesta Zetec s he fancied something with a bit more road presence and Power.

A quick visit to Car Store later and I was taken out for a ride in his new car which was a facelift Focus ST.

Straight from just the initial starting of it and hearing the 5 pot rumble i was thinking i’d really like to have a bit of that.

Then after actually getting on the road and having a quick ride round with him i knew i’d just have to have one.

Here’s a picture of his just for reference:

We’ve called it the Chav Wagon!


It’s a fair bit different from the day he bought it. Passed on the craze for cars i think.

Anyway after looking round for a bit and coming close to buying a black pre facelift ST i was all of a sudden hit in the face with a newly advertised Silver ST with some very tasteful mods already fitted.

The previous owner had thrown money at it and was a serious petrol head so i was already imagining it sat on my driveway looking all pretty!

Picked it up fairly locally considering how dead my hometown of Ipswich is for cars unless you’re buying new.

Here’s a picture of my new pride and joy:


It was a lovely day when we collected it and we had a great time driving back down the A12 just testing it. Had been a while since i’ve had a turbo and i’d forgotten just how responsive they are.

For a car from 2007 it was in exceptional condition and came with an entire collection of Standard parts with the sale.

A new journey had began for me again with getting it meticulously cleaned and adding a few more bits just to make it my own.

Here’s a link to a video i’ve got on youtube showing around the car and a little drive of it.  YouTube video

If you read through my RS Vents Do i dare DIY post you’ll see one of the mods i’ve done since getting it.

So far this has been fabulous and one of the most enjoyable cars i’ve had to drive in my long history of cars. Strangely it’s also been one of the cheapest by far.

I’m gonna leave it there and i’ll add some more of the story of this car as the site grows.

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Best Car Cleaning Tips

clean-carHere’s a little overview of my best car cleaning tips and the order i do them.

I’ll walk you through as if i’ve just picked up a new (used) car as i’m a little fussy and like to get rid of the previous owners muck and grime!!

Start inside

Now as i’m a bit OCD about cleanliness the first thing i always tackle if the areas of high traffic on the interior.

In my opinion the Best car cleaning tips start with Steering wheel, Gearknob, indicator stalks and pretty much anything that previous grubby hands would’ve touched on a very regular basis. After watching an episode of Top Gear many years ago where they tested used BMW’s and swabbed all the areas and found some quite disgusting results i have since been cleaning the interiors thoroughly..

I’ll simply just start with using baby wipes to get years of grime off, you’ll be surprised how much dirt comes off a steering wheel for a start.

Once i’ve wiped down all of the plastic and vinyl type areas and even the headlining on some occasions i’ll just get some valeting foam to give the seats a go over or if fitted with leather seats i’ll treat them to a clean and apply some leather balm to soak in and nourish the leather to help stop cracking etc.

I’ll use Dash Dandy to give the plastic parts a nice shiny look once cleaned.

Depending on how dirty the carpets are sometimes it just needs a good hoover but i’ve also had cars where it looks like a farmer with wellies on has been driving so it will also get a good scrubbing too and a go over with a wet vac.

Car Wash

Best car cleaning tip is to begin with the wheels first. I generally use Demon Shine alloy cleaner as it’s reasonably priced and very effective. Liberally apply to one wheel at a time. Leave it a couple of mins and then agitate it before getting in to clean it.

Use a mit just specially for the wheels. Once done, rinse off and move to the next.

On the car bodywork Initially to help soften up any dirt beforehand i find it’s best to just hose down the car so it’s wet before you start.

The 2 bucket method (one filled with car shampoo and the other just clean water) is a great idea as each time you’ll be getting the worst muck off before putting your wash mit back on the car. Rinsing the mit after each application

Best to start from the roof and work down as all the lather will have a chance to run down and soak into the dirtiest lower half of the car before you even get to it.

Be methodical and make sure you cover every inch until you’ve reached the bottom.

Now get your hose and thoroughly rinse the entire car, again work top to bottom.

Don’t forget to get in and around wheel arches and panel gaps.


For many years i used a vented Chamois and was always pleased at how quickly it removed the water but recently i was introduced to a micro fibre drying towel and this has been an absolute revelation.

The Drying Towel has been a fantastic addition and makes getting the standing water off a complete breeze.

With very little pressure applied it pretty much leaves the whole area streak free and dry

I highly recommend getting these for your cleaning kit if you haven’t tried one.

tyresTyre Dressing

This is one of the things that most people overlook but just make the extra effort and do it because having nice fresh looking black rubber instead of faded grey tyres will make a world of difference and will also make your alloys stand out way better than before

Questions or comments

If yo have any questions or comments to add please get in touch and let me know

RS Bonnet Vents – Do i dare DIY?

RS Bonnet Vents – The Decision

I’ve always loved a vented bonnet right back from my days of owning a Ford Escort RS Turbo MK2 and upon my purchasing a Focus ST i knew i’d likely want to get some fitted… In my opinion they looked fantastic on the RS focus.

Watched a few videos on YouTube and read up where i could to see if my limited talent would be sufficient to fit them myself.

Decided i’d try mainly because i knew a replacement bonnet wasn’t too expensive if i messed it up.



Decision made i was now looking for the best place to get my RS Bonnet Vents.

Few places had them but in the end i found a set on Ebay that fitted the bill, also if needed i could buy the covers to fit underneath from the same place… Hit the buy it now button and sat back and waited for them to arrive.


Whilst waiting i had to remove the rather flashy under bonnet mirrors that had been installed to make way.

Luckily these came off easy and left very little mess… The vents arrived and i got straight on with getting the templates in place making ready for the outline to start cutting.

Still can’t believe i was gonna start hacking at my bonnet, made me feel a little sick at just the thought of it!


Cutting the Bonnet

After covering all of the engine bay, wings and windscreen it was time to take the plunge.

I’d bought a dremel cutting disc to use for the corners and tight stuff and also had a grinder with the finest cutting disc possible.

Put my safety specs on and leaned in to begin the first cut. vent-cut

Too late to stop now. I’d started with the dremel as it seemed far less harsh than a grinder but it took ages to get anywhere.

Anyway after what appeared to me was hours i’d got the first hole cut out, pretty neatly too if i do say so myself.

Quick cuppa and a few puffs of strawberry milkshake vape and i was ready for number 2… Done the next far quicker.

Ran a file over to smooth the edges and stood back to admire my work.

Fitting the RS Bonnet Vents

vent-in    vent-under

Tiger Seal in hand i started applying it liberally on the rear of the vents to make sure they would stick well in place.

Squashed them in place and tried removing the worst of the seal that had squelched out from around the sides.

Thought far easier to get off now rather than having to deal with it once dried.

Got some tubing and taped them across the vents to hold them down until the Tiger seal had dried off overnight.

Time to be patient and wait 24hrs for it all to set.


The Result

Woke up early next morning eager to see what all my hard work had come out like.

After removing the vast amount of tape i’d applied i was relieved and rather pleased at the result.


As always i welcome comments and any questions you may have.

Links provided for Vents i used..

Best Car Performance Upgrades

Performance and Power

If like me you just love the feeling of power and acceleration you’ll often be looking for the best car performance upgrades.

Power is all relative really, after all if your new to driving a simple upgrade of few bhp will make a whole lot of difference.

On the other hand if you’ve been chasing it for sometime you’ll ideally need a dramatic change to get your heart racing.

The Best car performance upgrade you can get will generally be aimed at Turbo or supercharged vehicles as the increase from standard is rather a good jump.

Naturally aspirated cars will see gains but are far more limited.

So i’ll just concentrate on Turbo side of things i think.

Straight from the start a visit to your local tuner and a quick remap of the ecu without anything else will see a decent increase in all areas of bhp, torque and efficiency as more often than not from factory most cars are set up to run lean and restricted.

Now if you wanna go a little further and your pockets are a bit deeper you could start moving through various stages of tune.

This will at the very least require a more free flowing exhaust, bigger intercooler and a less restrictive air filter along with the remap. This will see a pretty good increase in both power and torque plus the added benefit of a much better sounding exhaust. Generally this will be a stage 1 tune. Prices vary for different vehicles but it’s still great considering the difference it will make…

From here the best performance upgrades start to get a little more pricey because the next limiting factor will be your standard Turbo which will only ever create a safe amount of boost. Here’s where the bank manager starts to get worried.

Larger Hybrid Turbos are the only way to go from here and the pound signs start to add up. Big power means Big money.

Big Power also starts pushing the boundaries of your clutch, gearbox and the internals of the engine plus at point in some vehicles they start to lose the everyday driveability. Heavy clutches, heavy fuel consumption and also a very good chance that the Chaps with the blue lights will be keeping a very close eye on you as you whizz past hitting 60 in a far too quick of a time before them…

In my experience i’ve found that going around the midpoint is the sweet spot both for your licence and your wallet.

Obviously buying a car with all this done already is a definite good way to go as long as it’s been done properly and receipts are available to prove the fact.

If you wanna comment or add to anything i’ve said i’d love to hear from you and any additional knowledge i gain i’ll add in another post…

Thanks for taking a look!

Rob’s Upgrades and Repairs

Well this weekend my son and i thought we’d undertake one simple task and another which with the introduction of Frost in the uk would be beneficial…

Simple task was just to swap over the headlight bulbs in my Son’s Focus ST.

Sounds easy enough we thought… We removed the headlights to allow plenty of room to just undo the old and replace with new…

It seems we were in for a shock, upon opening the back we initially couldn’t even get the old ones out.

After some swearing and bruised knuckles we finally managed to get them out.  To our surprise after getting them out we had the replacements for a standard Focus and not for the ST…  Back to the drawing board and re-order of the correct ones!!

So onto task number 2 which was trying to figure out why his heated windscreen only worked on one side, passenger side unfortunately..

Off came the wipers and scuttle panel to reveal a rather dark grubby area.. We tracked down the connection to the window and discovered the earth strap had snapped, not surprising really as it’s wafer thin and very close proximity to the wiper motor..

Perhaps trying to solder the broken parts back together would work we thought.

With only a couple of mm’s showing there was just no chance so as the light was fading on another dull uk day we packed up, came in and tried to forget what an absolute waste of an afternoon it had been!

Now waiting for new bulbs so we can try again…