Ford Focus ST Exhaust System – Pops and Bangs!

Fancy a few pops and bangs and just a generally better sounding exhaust.

Pops and Bangs

Once again i’m here giving my opinion on something i’ve actually got fitted myself and can give an honest review of it after a good few months of use. The good, bad and the ugly!

Milltek UltimateMilltek Ulimate

This is a full stainless exhaust (304L aircraft grade) with a 3″ bore all the way from the CAT to the Tips.

Depending on your flavour it’s available non resonated or resonated.

Obviously the non resonated is a fair bit louder but if your fitting it on your Focus ST it enhances the burble from the 5 pot engine no end and gives some gorgeous off throttle pops.

There are different choices of finish for the exhaust tips (polished, cerakote, titanium, and carbon) but to add to the whole menacing look of the rear of a Focus ST with an upgraded diffuser i personallly think the cerakote black works well and it’s what mine has.

Cat, Sports cat or Decat

With the standard Cat fitted it will still sound great, However a little quiet and will pass straight through an MOT.

Sports Cat will greatly improve the overall sound and flow of the exhaust so a little power will be gained also.

Another plus is you’ll notice some pops here and there and if it’s also been remapped then expect quite a few.

Decatting is the way to get the full effect of the sound and the power increase, it just seems to have zero resistance and once on Boost the sound is intoxicating.. The only real downside is an increase in drone and the fact you’ll need to switch it over before an MOT but the payoff is definitely worth it.

Having the Decat also will make all the popping and banging that much more intense. Just makes the whole experience of driving an ST that much more exciting somehow.


These do vary greatly in price depending on where you pick them up from and on which options you add.

I’ve seen them from around £600+ right upto £1000

I admit they are not cheap but quality stuff never is and these Milltek Systems are top notch.

They will handle all weather conditions and survive for many years so when you think about it the price of replacing a Ford Focus ST exhaust system every couple of years with an original piece from the dealer it begins to make even more sense.

Here’s a very small clip of a couple of revs with the Milltek and a Decat.



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