Ford Focus RS Spoiler – Maxton Replica

Here’s another great item to spice up your Focus ST

Maxton Replica Ford Focus RS Spolier

Is your standard ST spolier just not big and bold enough for you? Maxton-RS

Only one way to remedy that and that’s to go with the RS version.. Original ones are silly money and just not that easy to get hold of due to the demand but the replica is a definite worthwhile alternative.. Ok it’s only gonna come ready primed but even if you pay for a professional spray job it’s still gonna be way cheaper than getting one of the originals.

Now if you fancy a bit of DIY it can be quite easily sprayed by yourself as most people just do them Gloss black which is a really cheap colour to buy whether you have a compressor and spray gun or if you are really daring and patient it is possible to just do with rattle cans.

Will it fit directly on Focus ST?

The Ford Focus RS Spoiler is pretty much a direct fit.

When fitting all we had to do was slightly open up the area made for the brake light (used original from the ST spolier) and also had to make slightly more room to allow the hose for the rear screen washer pipe to fit through and fit snug in the apeture for the light.

All the screw holes lined up almost perfectly with only the smallest amount of jiggling to get it finally into place..

Completed Fitment

Once the spolier is fully fitted and you stand back to admire you work the difference it makes to the overall look of the car is quite astounding.

From the rear it just makes the whole car look more purposeful and somehow lower and wider and from the side view it just appears to change the entire profile.

I do speak from experience here as one of these was added to my son’s car by us two and it’s turned a reasonably stock looking ST into something really closely resembling a genuine RS. Maxton

Price and availablity

There are a few places to buy from and they all seem to be around £149.99

There is a waiting time of approx 2 to 4 weeks for delivery

Here is a link if you are interested

Ford Focus RS Spolier


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