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Interior Mods

i guess i’m gonna start inside..

Some cars can just simply get away with needing nothing at all changed as they just look classy anyway but for the average car junkie that just isn’t gonna cut it. interior

Personally i’m in favour of a few small interior car mods just to make it look and feel like my own so i’ll generally start with updating the lighting over to led’s first just to make it feel brighter and more modern.

New gear gaiters if the old one looks shabby is always a good move along with a new gear knob even if it’s a straight replacement. don’t go mad, just fit something tasteful…

Steering wheels on really modern vehicles often have so many features on it’s difficult to change without getting dealer upgrades but there’s no reason it can’t be recovered or simply have a damn good clean to freshen it up.

However on older vehicles it’s way more simple. Can be changed for a completely new look with a wheel boss to make it fit.

Wrapping a few bits of interior trim to your own taste is another cheap and relatively easy upgrade as some manufacturers either make it cheap looking or just not fitting with the rest of the car…


Exterior Car mods

This is where some people i’ve seen on YouTube and other car sites and shows can just get it so wrong…

Again these are only my views and thoughts but i’m always amazed at some of the dreadful things people do.

Spoilers are always a good place to start.

Something close to factory looking is fine and just enhances the car but don’t go sticking a massive wing on the back of a people carrier or a 1 litre hatchback…

Splitters are another area that some just go crazy. A nice quality carbon splitter is a great car mod to help make the front look a bit meaner… Steer clear of anything too big that sticks out to far past the original body.

Side skirts often look good but i’ve generally found that they just make ever getting a jack under a complete pain if you wanna work on your car… I’m saying this because generally cars get lowered by their owners or are pretty low in the first place…

Wheels and tyres

Now this is a particular favourite of mine and with most car junkies…

New wheels can totally transform almost any car and over the years it’s got to now be one of the most popular modifications.

Often it’s just a simple as getting wheels from a better spec car (same manufacturer) than you currently own. This is a good step but personally i prefer just to choose something different to stand out a bit.

It’s usually easy to see what your car will look like with a simple search on google or YouTube.


In car entertainmentstereo

Out of the list of cars i’ve owned (approx 40) i think there’s only been a couple i’ve left with the standard setup.

Basically it’s been because they either been pretty decent in the first place or the price of replacing them has been eye watering!!

Anyway through my journey which first started with a friend of mine called Adi who introduced me to the wonders of a sub and an aftermarket stereo and amp.

I’ve fitted and removed dozens of stereo set ups and in many cases used my trusty Alpine stereo, amp and sub that i bought ages and ages ago… It may be fairly old but was iPod compatible and sounded great wherever it was installed…

I can’t recommend enough actually doing it and trying to fit yourself as it’s very good feeling hearing it power up for the first time…

Doesn’t have to cost a fortune and the difference compared to usual standard setups is astounding…. These days there’s such a massive selection and loads of information online on how to fit them too…

Exhaust Upgrade

This is another oddly satisfying Car mod that can greatly enhance driving.

I’m not sure i like the crazy amounts of popping and banging some folks are going for but i must admit an odd bit sounds great. On my Focus ST which is decatted and mapped it does give the occasional pop and bang which is fantastic…

Really can’t go wrong with a new stainless exhaust and in the end saves money not having to replace it every so often as they seem to last for ages plus they are easy to keep clean and shiny!

Engine and Power

What’s more fun than power!

I’ve spent untold money in the pursuit of more power or just a faster car.

Remaps can unleash quite unbelievable increases and for the money they cost it’s the best bang for buck you’re ever likely to encounter… In most cases it makes it feel like a different car and reignites your passion for the vehicle.

I’ve pretty much gone the full spectrum from a 30hp Beetle right up to a R32 GTR with close to 750hp.



Obviously i’ve barely scratched the surface but i’ll be adding more and more as i go and putting some of own vehicles on here for some feedback and comments.

Remember everything said here is purely my own thoughts and comments!

Thanks for taking the time to read through

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