Buying my Dream Car Part 5

Buying my Dream Car

It’s time for not just another installment but possibly the last Dream Car i’m gonna own for a while.

The long and short of it is that after my Dad’s battle with cancer and his death i basically made a decision to cut my hours at work and try and enjoy life and the free time working part-time would allow. Obviously the downside was having less money to throw about on cars and other various things i’d gotten used to over the years.

Ok back on with the next car.

After the Range Rover Sport i fancied something still comfortable and fast but more car like again.

Thinking on it for a while and going through a list of possible cars i was just browsing the Autotrader for local cars and for once i came across something that might just fit the bill and it was only a 10 minute drive away. This rarely happens in the Ipswich area as it seems to be a black hole as far as motoring is concerned!

Basically i’d had a variety of cars but there’s a few marques i’ve never had and this one was another tick box checked for me and it also happened to be a top of the range one too.

Let me introduce you to the Mercedes CLS55 AMG, a gurgling torque monster with heated massage seats and all the comfort and speed you could possibly want.

Owning my Dream Car

So here it is, the 5.4 supercharged CLS55 AMG. 450bhp of German muscle.

It’s a true sheep in wolves clothing. From the outside looks pretty unassuming, nice but really to the average passerby just another silver Mercedes.

However venture to the rear of it and things start to look a little different. Catching the eye is a hint that this is no usual Mercedes but something with a bit of menace hidden within. The four very tasteful AMG emblazoned exhaust tips and the rather nice AMG badge on the boot.

First turn of the key and it’s rather more obvious that this is more than the run-of-the-mill diesel Merc.

It barks into life with the subtle rumble of a German V8. A quick rev and it’s reasonably quiet but sounds delicious.

Once inside the cabin you’d never know as it’s so well insulated and you feel totally relaxed in the sumptuous perforated leather seats.

The fit and finish both inside and out is outstanding and it should be for the original price too! This particular model was around £90,000 when new with all the upgrades and extras.

Did it live up to expectations

This car turned out to be a great all round vehicle. Total luxury and relaxation when you felt just like cruising about or poodling down the dual carriageway but also a complete rocket ship when you did actually decide to toe it.

Once you buried your foot you were in for a real shock, the initial acceleration was from low speeds just too much for the tyres to handle and the traction control light was blinking continuously. However, once it was up to speed the power was relentless and just kept building and building until you were traveling at very naughty speeds. This was all a bit unreal mainly due to comfort and quiet of the cabin. Just didn’t ever feel noisy or as if the car was really being pushed beyond it’s limit.

The only thing i can say i didn’t like about this car was the fuel consumption and the fact that it had some many bells and whistles that i had virtually nothing to do except drive it.

The only changes i made personally was to fit some new suspension links to lower the air ride suspension by around 1,5 inches and to change the front grille colour from silver to black. Apart from that i had no need to change anything!

Would i have another

Once again after experiencing the build quality of Mercedes and the power of the AMG model i would love to have another at some point in my life.

I think this time i’d like to try a 2 door instead of a four door or even the estate version c63. Sadly though they stopped the supercharged models and opted for a naturally aspirated 6.3 litre instead.

Personal Conclusion

I was lucky with my AMG and never had any trouble with it at all. It was just simple servicing and 1 set of front brake pads i had to pay out for.

The prices of parts was eye watering so i’m particularly thankful that i picked up a good one and never got that sinking feeling that i’d be needing the assistance of Mercedes Dealerships!

I would say that if you can ever have an AMG you will love it to pieces and wonder why you’d ever bothered with anything else providing it’s a good one you pick and not a money pit if you get a bad one.

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