Buying my Dream Car Part 3

Buying my Dream Car

If you’ve read part 2 then you’ve got a good idea of my next car on the list.

Essentially i’d enjoyed my ownership of the 996 convertible so much i’d decided to purchase another.

This time i had decided to buy a hardtop version and i’d also decided to try and get myself a tiptronic.

Once again a visit to a local place called Finlay Gorham to see if i could find something that fitted the requirements.

Owning my Dream Car

Seemed luck was on my side.

I’d found a Dolphin Grey C4S widebody model 996 with a tiptronic box.

Fell in love with it straight away, low miles, full service, newer style headlights, right price and came with the nice wheels and Bose upgraded stereo. It also looked s much wider than my previous model which was really nice.

A quick test drive around the lanes close to the dealer and i knew i had to have it.

Also after going through a winter in the 2 wheel drive 996 it was gonna be nice to actually have a 4 wheel drive version.

This one had a few more horsepower, not much but enough to satisfy my lust for an upgrade all round. The only thing it lacked was heated seats which i knew i could fit myself before the bad weather was back.

Did it live up to expectations

This after a few months of ownership had proven itself to be a far better car than my 996 c2.

I guess just being a hardtop just made it feel so much more taught. It handled corners like it was on rails and having the 4 wheel drive meant you could essentially drive it the same in the wet or dry.

In the end it was sold as i needed something larger and more practical. My next choice was a real change of pace.

Would i have another?

These days i’m not so sure that i would. Nothing to do with the car itself but more that after having a couple i found myself reluctant to leave it anywhere without the fear of some swine scratching it or just inflicting damage of some sort.

It’s weird because you can have far pricier cars that people wouldn’t even think of keying or damaging but for some reason a Porsche does attract some real idiots who think that the owner is rich and can afford to fix it!

Plus these days there are some seriously nice cars about that have all the power and luxury but seem to blend in attracting far less unwanted attention.

Personal Conclusion

My final thoughts are, Yes these are great cars and do deserve their reputation especially as you can pick up a fairly decent older model 996 for no more than a 3 series or Audi a4 or something. Even the servicing is a good price if you use an independent Porsche specialist.

If you buy one you will love it.

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