Buying my Dream Car Part 1

Buying my Dream Car

I’ve always had a few cars in mind when it comes to Dream cars and some have just been so far out of reach they will very likely be exactly that, just a dream car.

Being a child growing up in the 70’s and watching things like James Bond and seeing stuff like Jenson Interceptors and Ferrari Dinos on TV along with some American muscle cars i had big ideas of what i’d like but by the time i was old enough to drive most of these came with an astronomical price tag or simply so rare a young fella from a council estate was not gonna get his hands on one!

However a few on my list were within my grasp once i sorted out my finances and i’d gone through the usual types of starter cars and a few hot hatches i would finally get my chance at owning something a bit more exotic.

After having great fun in Astra GTEs and a good selection of the Ford range, Xr3i’s, Xr4x4, Xr4i, RS Turbo i switched over to Renault and both the 5 GT Turbo and 21 Turbo where fabulous.

Next came a rather dull couple of years after becoming a Dad to twins and my attempt to be a little sensible. My god i think my mind has just tried to wipe that selection of cars out!

Anyway i’m drifting here so back on track.

Some excitment came back with one of my favourite cars i’ve owned, it was a Nissan 300zx twin turbo which thankfully i managed to get the kids in the back.

Turbo cars were now back in my life and if you’ve owned one you’ll know that it’s hard to go back to a naturally aspirated car after having one.

Japanese cars would now capture all my attention for the next few years.

Next was a Subaru WRX and follwed very closely behind by a Toyota Supra with the pop out roof. 400bhp an the quickest car i’d owned.

Then came my first Dream Car.

Owning my Dream Car

First Dream Car – Nissan Skyline R32 GTR.

Wow this car was like nothing else.. Made my Supra feel slow.

The chap i bought it from had gone absolutely crazy getting everything mechanically upgraded.

The list of things done would fill this page, thousands and thousands had been spent, i could not believe how brutally fast this was.

Brand new Nur spec engine,


new turbos,tomei exhaust, uprated fuel pump, new larger injectors, strutt braces, tein suspension, endless brakes, rota wheels, stand alone ecu plus hundreds of others.

This was essentially a race car for the road. Only downside with it was the clutch which was awful and i stalled it everywhere so once i sold the supra i got a Coppermix clutch flown from japan  and fitted.

Cost over 2 grand but it made it drive beautifully and now i could use it everyday like any normal car.

The power was fully adjustable and ranged from 600bhp up to just over 800bhp. It was a complete monster and would out accelerate nearly anything that came near.

I’ll do a full write up as it deserves a complete article.

Did it live up to expectations

In a word, YES!

It was insanely fast and at the same time could be driven everyday in relative comfort.

Even the fuel economy was good as long as you didn’t hoon it round everywhere.

Mind you it went down to about 6 mpg if you gunned it!

Also it looked like a fairly plain old Nissan which unless you knew about cars you really wouldn’t take much notice of.

In the end i sold it because the draw of my next dream had taken hold.

Would i have another

I would love to have another GTR or hang on let me rephrase that.

An R32, R34 or the Newer R35 i would take in a heartbeat just because they are ballistically fast and reliable.

Pound for  pound you simply can’t get more performance and excitment for the money

They are infinitalely upgradeable and in such demand these days that you can have one and get a good chunk of the purchase price back when you sell,

Personal Conclusion

If you can afford to buy, run and insure one then don’t think about, just do it as it will be some of the most fun you can have.

My experience with GTR will remain in my memory forever and i’ve never found that exhilaration again from any car i owned.

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6 Replies to “Buying my Dream Car Part 1”

  1. I personally have not thought of a dream car before but seeing that you got yours means I would have to think about one or just adopt yours since you can attest to the fact that it works good. I must say that it is good to hear of your own experience with the car. I would’ve loved it in another colour though. Or maybe I should just paint it.

    1. Thank you for looking at my Dream Car.

      This was a real opener after having a few fast cars. I’d always read about the Godzilla car from Japan and that it was the pinnacle of fast all wheel drive cars.

      I was not hugely struck with the colour myself when i bought it but it grew on me and helped the car stick out as everyone was buying the usual silver, grey or black cars at the time. Also the white colour was the Japnese racing colour for their cars hence why makes like Honda were doing their civic type R’s in white for the top of the line cars.

      These days i don’t think i’d repaint as it’s a very big job to colour change a vehicle due to having to do engine bay, door shuts etc.. Much easier to just have it wrapped.

      Appreciate your comment and feedback 

  2. My dreamcar was BMW E32. I remember seeing it in movies and commercials when I was young and I completely fell in love with this car. When I first purchased it, I was the happiest person on earth. Your Nissan is a fine example of how you should handle your car. It looks like something from Need for Speed.

    I will definitely bookmark your website for more interesting posts.


    1. Hi.

      Firstly the E32 was a great car. Oddly enough i did have the pleasure of owning a 735 which was a fantastic luxury car. The kids used to get lost in the back!

      I really glad you will bookmark my site and i’ve only just started going through some of the cars i encountered and owned over the years. I’m gonna do several posts on my Dream Cars and i’ll also be getting some videos on there too



  3. My friend has a R32 that he purchased from Motorex in California for a hefty price tag and he loves it. Though I personally prefer American muscle and sports cars I will admit, his Skyline which is royal blue is slick looking and FAST! He told me that the R32, R33 and R34’s are illegal in the U.S. because of EPA emission and crash test standards. I guess that is why Motorex charges so much.

    Like I said my favorite autos are American. Every vehicle I have had with the exception of an Isuzu Amigo 4×4 truck, have been General Motors. My first car my dad bought for me was a used  Buick Skylark. Then every vehicle afterwards I bought new. I got a 1983 Pontiac Sunbird, a 1989 Chevy Beretta GT, 1990 Isuzu Amigo 4×4, 1998 Oldsmobile Alero, 2002 Chevy Cavalier Z24, 2005 Chevy Equinox (still have), and 2015 Chevy Colorado Z71 Crew Cab 4×4.

    Yes, four of the eight I have owned were all Chevrolet. Now as for my dream car I am at a crossroads between super exotic or classic American muscle. I guess if I had a million dollars it would be an exotic Lamborghini Aventador SVJ. But since I am not, at least not yet, I would like to get a classic car from the year of my birth. It would be a 1962 Chevy Corvette Stingray Convertible. That is a FAST attention getter!

    1. Hi.

      Yeah i think the R32 was pretty much illegal in the states until recently due to emissions which is a real shame as it’s a real monster of a car and would give some of the american muscle a real good run for the money.

      I do love some of the classics like the GTO and the Charger but due to the roads in the UK they are far from ideal for such big cars let alone the price of petrol here!

       I think personally given the choice i’d have a classic and just upgrade a few bits to make it more usuable every day. Just can’t beat the sound of an old school V8 burbling along.

      Thanks for your comments

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