Best Car Performance Upgrades

Performance and Power

If like me you just love the feeling of power and acceleration you’ll often be looking for the best car performance upgrades.

Power is all relative really, after all if your new to driving a simple upgrade of few bhp will make a whole lot of difference.

On the other hand if you’ve been chasing it for sometime you’ll ideally need a dramatic change to get your heart racing.

The Best car performance upgrade you can get will generally be aimed at Turbo or supercharged vehicles as the increase from standard is rather a good jump.

Naturally aspirated cars will see gains but are far more limited.

So i’ll just concentrate on Turbo side of things i think.

Straight from the start a visit to your local tuner and a quick remap of the ecu without anything else will see a decent increase in all areas of bhp, torque and efficiency as more often than not from factory most cars are set up to run lean and restricted.

Now if you wanna go a little further and your pockets are a bit deeper you could start moving through various stages of tune.

This will at the very least require a more free flowing exhaust, bigger intercooler and a less restrictive air filter along with the remap. This will see a pretty good increase in both power and torque plus the added benefit of a much better sounding exhaust. Generally this will be a stage 1 tune. Prices vary for different vehicles but it’s still great considering the difference it will make…

From here the best performance upgrades start to get a little more pricey because the next limiting factor will be your standard Turbo which will only ever create a safe amount of boost. Here’s where the bank manager starts to get worried.

Larger Hybrid Turbos are the only way to go from here and the pound signs start to add up. Big power means Big money.

Big Power also starts pushing the boundaries of your clutch, gearbox and the internals of the engine plus at point in some vehicles they start to lose the everyday driveability. Heavy clutches, heavy fuel consumption and also a very good chance that the Chaps with the blue lights will be keeping a very close eye on you as you whizz past hitting 60 in a far too quick of a time before them…

In my experience i’ve found that going around the midpoint is the sweet spot both for your licence and your wallet.

Obviously buying a car with all this done already is a definite good way to go as long as it’s been done properly and receipts are available to prove the fact.

If you wanna comment or add to anything i’ve said i’d love to hear from you and any additional knowledge i gain i’ll add in another post…

Thanks for taking a look!

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