Toyota Supra JDM

Toyota Supra JDM

This car was a prelude to my Dream Car list.

Back when i bought this it just wasn’t as popular as they are today.

Before Fast and Furious the Toyota Supra JDM was still a very decent car but it was overlooked by many for just being a bit of a fat 2nd rate distant cousin of the much more rewarding Skyline GTR.

At this point there was no way i could afford the Nissan so after having a Subaru WRX whilst i lived in Cornwall (very handy with all the little winding and narrow country lanes) i returned to Ipswich and fancied something else.

The Scooby had been a fantastic piece of kit but i’d had it near 4 to 5 years at this point so for me that was a miracle.

Anyway as always i grabbed the autotrader and began a new search.

Twin Turbo

Casting my mind back before i went to Cornwall i had owned and been very proud of owning a Nissan 300zx twin turbo.

That got me thinking, couldn’t have another 300zx but did love the feel of a 6 cylinder with a twin turbo.

Perhaps a Toyota Supra JDM Twin Turbo would fit the bill.

Tracking one down

Back when i was looking thankfully the Supra was overlooked and the prices reflected it.

I managed to find a fantastic Imported Supra with the removable roof with around 50k miles and a few very nice upgrades.

One evening Dad and i headed off to Northampton to have a look and as i recall had a bit of trouble finding the owners house as it was on one of these new estates where the roads seemed to have no start or ending, just round and round!

Anyway eventually finding it i knocked on the door and was greeted by a man mountain, this chap was mahoosive and i felt like a little kid standing next to him.

Now he opened up the car and flipped the bonnet, all looked very tidy and well looked after.

Interior was in pukka condition and the bodywork looked spot on. I walked round the car checking it over and nearly fell over when i saw the size of the Blitz exhaust. I could almost stick my entire foot in it.

He started it and it was initially very loud from cold but once it warmed up and the revs died down it sounded great.

Test Drive

The test drive was going to be interesting.

If any of you have sat in a Supra you’ll know that they are not that spacious.

I jumped in passenger seat and sat back in amazement watching this bloke having to remove the roof to even be able to get in the car. With the roof off it was still a real struggle for this chap to get himself in.

Apparently he was only a fraction of the size he was now when he bought it and originally fitted in no problem. As much as he loved the car he simply had to sell it just because of his newly acquired bulk. This was weightlifting bulk not just fat. Even a diet was never gonna get him back in comfortably!

Back on track.

We set off and with some pace too. He was not afraid to put his foot down at all. The car performed far beyond what i thought. He then mentioned a few upgrades which he said pushed the power to just over 400bhp.

It had been remapped, new air filter and larger intake and silicon hoses plus a rather large intercooler squeezed in the front which he said involved removing the active front splitter that came as standard on Supras.

After the drive i was smitten and proceeded to negotiate and ended up paying £5000 which i was more than pleased with considering mileage, upgrades and the fact it also came with BBS alloys.


The drive home was a mix of highs and lows really.

Dad drove my Scooby and i got in the Supra. Within 10 minutes we were lost and somehow ended up on a piece of dual carriageway that hadn’t even been finished. God knows how we got on it but after a short drive i thought where the hell is everyone. We then came to a dead end and had to turn round and head back.

Thankfully we stumbled into a petrol station and got directions and some much needed fuel.

A couple of hours later we were home and i mentioned to Dad that now i had the new car would he like the Subaru.

I owed Dad about a grand and we decided that the Subaru would more than cover what i owed so that was it.

Buying my Dream Car Part 5

Buying my Dream Car

It’s time for not just another installment but possibly the last Dream Car i’m gonna own for a while.

The long and short of it is that after my Dad’s battle with cancer and his death i basically made a decision to cut my hours at work and try and enjoy life and the free time working part-time would allow. Obviously the downside was having less money to throw about on cars and other various things i’d gotten used to over the years.

Ok back on with the next car.

After the Range Rover Sport i fancied something still comfortable and fast but more car like again.

Thinking on it for a while and going through a list of possible cars i was just browsing the Autotrader for local cars and for once i came across something that might just fit the bill and it was only a 10 minute drive away. This rarely happens in the Ipswich area as it seems to be a black hole as far as motoring is concerned!

Basically i’d had a variety of cars but there’s a few marques i’ve never had and this one was another tick box checked for me and it also happened to be a top of the range one too.

Let me introduce you to the Mercedes CLS55 AMG, a gurgling torque monster with heated massage seats and all the comfort and speed you could possibly want.

Owning my Dream Car

So here it is, the 5.4 supercharged CLS55 AMG. 450bhp of German muscle.

It’s a true sheep in wolves clothing. From the outside looks pretty unassuming, nice but really to the average passerby just another silver Mercedes.

However venture to the rear of it and things start to look a little different. Catching the eye is a hint that this is no usual Mercedes but something with a bit of menace hidden within. The four very tasteful AMG emblazoned exhaust tips and the rather nice AMG badge on the boot.

First turn of the key and it’s rather more obvious that this is more than the run-of-the-mill diesel Merc.

It barks into life with the subtle rumble of a German V8. A quick rev and it’s reasonably quiet but sounds delicious.

Once inside the cabin you’d never know as it’s so well insulated and you feel totally relaxed in the sumptuous perforated leather seats.

The fit and finish both inside and out is outstanding and it should be for the original price too! This particular model was around £90,000 when new with all the upgrades and extras.

Did it live up to expectations

This car turned out to be a great all round vehicle. Total luxury and relaxation when you felt just like cruising about or poodling down the dual carriageway but also a complete rocket ship when you did actually decide to toe it.

Once you buried your foot you were in for a real shock, the initial acceleration was from low speeds just too much for the tyres to handle and the traction control light was blinking continuously. However, once it was up to speed the power was relentless and just kept building and building until you were traveling at very naughty speeds. This was all a bit unreal mainly due to comfort and quiet of the cabin. Just didn’t ever feel noisy or as if the car was really being pushed beyond it’s limit.

The only thing i can say i didn’t like about this car was the fuel consumption and the fact that it had some many bells and whistles that i had virtually nothing to do except drive it.

The only changes i made personally was to fit some new suspension links to lower the air ride suspension by around 1,5 inches and to change the front grille colour from silver to black. Apart from that i had no need to change anything!

Would i have another

Once again after experiencing the build quality of Mercedes and the power of the AMG model i would love to have another at some point in my life.

I think this time i’d like to try a 2 door instead of a four door or even the estate version c63. Sadly though they stopped the supercharged models and opted for a naturally aspirated 6.3 litre instead.

Personal Conclusion

I was lucky with my AMG and never had any trouble with it at all. It was just simple servicing and 1 set of front brake pads i had to pay out for.

The prices of parts was eye watering so i’m particularly thankful that i picked up a good one and never got that sinking feeling that i’d be needing the assistance of Mercedes Dealerships!

I would say that if you can ever have an AMG you will love it to pieces and wonder why you’d ever bothered with anything else providing it’s a good one you pick and not a money pit if you get a bad one.

Buying my Dream Car Part 4

Buying my Dream Car

After having a couple of Porsche 996’s and loving every minute of the experience i’d now met a young lady thanks in part to my rather lovely Porsche 996 C4s. It was a coincidence really as it was a relationship that started across a desk at work and we just got chatting about cars etc.

The Porsche had definitely opened the door as it were! Anyway after much soul searching i just knew it was time to move on from my dear friend the 996. Goodbye to another of my Dream Cars.

Luckily i managed to sell the car back to the dealer i had bought it from which was well handy as it now gave me cash in hand to go looking again.

This was gonna be a semi forced decision because at the time my Dad was dying of late stage prostate cancer and i needed something to easily get him in and out of on our frequent visits to the hospital for his chemo and radiotherapy.

The choice was limited to something big and upright but me being me had to also have something a little bit entertaining so i thought i’d plump for a Range Rover Sport.

I tried the Diesel model first and within five minutes just knew this hulking great lump was far too dull to drive.

Ok i thought, try again but this time found a 4.2 v8 Supercharged petrol version which would at least have a bit of go in it.

Test driving the v8 really made all the difference, it surged when you put your foot down and the supercharger whine was great.

That’ll do me for both jobs, fun and fast, comfy plus an easy to access taxi so i looked round and found the spec i liked.

Owning my Dream Car

Before i knew it i was behind the Wheel of a Top of the range Black 4.2 v8 supercharged Range Rover Sport.

As i said it was a semi forced choice and may not have been what i’d have chosen under different circumstances but after using it for a while i was really pleased overall.

It did what i needed and made my Hospital visits with Dad so much easier. Also at this time the Mrs and i were doing up her newly aquired house and this car was as good as having a van once the seats were put down so it came in really handy for transporting numerous large items including the carpet for pretty much all of her house!

I almost lost track of how many fish tanks we picked up for each of our houses and other pieces of furniture through my ownership.

Even with this car i had to make some minor alterations to personalise it a bit, less than usual but i had a go and bought some angel eyes to fit in the headlights. Bit of a nightmare to do but in the end i really liked the difference it made.

Aside from that a stereo update and i applied some tint to the rear lights to give them a smoked look and that was it.

The Rear light tints complimented the tinted windows and it looked a fairly mean looking vehicle.

Did it live up to Expectations

This is a car that surprised me almost from the first day i had it. Even the initial drive home which included a rather spirited half hour or so on the M25 was a bit of an eye opener. The acceleration of such a large vehicle was great whilst being sat in relative comfort and feeling a distance away from other road users. Must have just been the height of it and the fact that it was so quiet with all the windows up. Before i knew it i was home.

Obviously being such a large and fast car the petrol consumption was not the best but on a run it was bearable.

The interior was a bit plasticy compared to a full fat range rover vogue or something but it was still a very nice place to be.

Would i have another?

To be 100% honest as good as the Range Rover Sport was i think if i had to have another 4 x 4 luxury vehicle i’d more than likely opt for the Porsche Cayenne again.

The build quality was good and i never had any issues with it but it just doesn’t feel as premium as the Cayenne.

Looks wise the Range Rover is a much nicer bit of kit but once inside the Cayenne knocks spots off it.

The general running price is fairly even between the two and my money would go Porsche’s way if i had to chose again.

Personal Conclusion

All in all this car fitted the bill for me at that time and it’s another car i’ve been more than happy with. It provided me with a 2 for 1 sort of deal with it’s van like practicality and just enough luxury to feel special.

These days they can be picked up cheap and are a real bargain if you don’t mind stopping at most petrol stations!

Focus ST3 for sale

Focus ST3 for sale

Now this was just gonna be a write up and overview of my Son’s ST after spending many hours and weekends getting it how he wanted it after buying it essentially as standard but it’s now gonna be a combination of both Focus st3 for sale and a bit of story from day 1 to now.

The long and short of it is he’s spent much money and between us we have added a good few things to personalise it for him. Some parts were easy to swap over and some were a complete pain in the backside, weirdly one of the worst things to do was a simple switch over the projector headlamp bulbs. These are fine to do if you have really tiny hands but virtually impossible otherwise.

In fact this was the car that persuaded me to sell my current car and try an ST3 myself!

So next is some info if you are interested in the Focus st3 for sale, Performance Blue.

Engine Upgrades

There’s receipts for pretty much everything.

Block Mod

Group A Induction Kit + Hoses

RS Plugs

Airtec Stage 1 Intercooler

Milltek 3″ Downpipe

De-cat fitted

Mongoose Sports Cat (available)

Revo Stage 2 software

Relocated RS ECU housing

Forge recirc valve

Symposer Delete

Boost pipes

4 piece RS Clutch Kit

AC/Alternator Belts changed 24/07/14

Cambelt changed 24/07/14

It has also been lowered with H&R springs.

New Parts

NS OEM Driveshaft has been replaced in July 19

Replaced Anti-roll bar link – July 19

Climair Wind deflectors

Zunsport front grill

Airtec short shifter

Sony XAV1000 Head unit and Fascia installed.

Billet ST gearknob

Prosport Boost Gauge and carbon fibre dash surround

Focus RS bonnet vents

Focus RS style ST Side badges

Recaro gel seat inlays

Black Wing mirror covers

Milltek 4.5 inch stainless exhaust tips

Maxton Design Focus RS replica Spoiler

19 inch Bola B1’s – Vredestein Ultrac Vortis 225/35R19 (Used for 3months/3000 miles)

Full Black leather interior, heated drivers and passenger seat.

MOT until April 2020 but will be renewed before sale.

Service History – Latest was may 2019.

Will also come with some original parts.

Mileage is 86k but will increase as currently still in use.



We have really enjoyed adding all the new parts onto this ST3 and it drives fantastically.

The grunt and torque from the 5 cylinder turbo engine makes it a great car for either town or motorway driving.

The Performance blue ls a great contrast against the Bola B1s fitted that are the bronze version.

If you are interested in this fabulous Focus ST3 for sale then please leave me a message and i’ll get to you as soon as i can.

The price is £7295 with all the extras fitted and original parts.



Focus ST Mods

Focus ST Mods

In this article i’m gonna go through my own car as it has a few changes and what i would recommend to anyone with a standard ST.

Most ST owners seem to have the same sort of taste when it comes to modifying and as it’s a really decent car for the money it’s a great starting place for many.

Exterior Upgrades 

One of my personal favourite Focus ST mods and also one of the easiest is just a simple switch over to the Zunsport Grille which has a profound effect on the front of the car.

With the addition of the grille it highlights the intercooler which in my eyes just makes the front look way more purposeful.

If you are interested in one of these i have a sale code which will save you 15% on the price if bought through

Add code CJ101519 at checkout for discount

Adding a new Rear Diffuser is another really nice mod which just gives the rear a much more RS look and as again these are fairly cheap to buy and easy to fit it’s a bit of a no brainer. Makes even standard exhaust pipe look nice but for full effect it’s worth getting some larger tips to finish the look off.

Decals can make or break the ST so i’ve always preferred something a bit subtle. Again these fo the most part can be fitted at home unless you opt for a really large type in which case i’d recommend getting a professional to do it so you don’t have a wrinkly looking splodge of vinyl sat on your pride and joy.

Window Tints are one of the most common things i’ve seen on ST’s and again these are a bit of a definite thing to do as it doe not impede on visability to any great degree and just looks fantastic.

Another real game changer for ST’s are swapping over from the Standard Alloys to something nice like Zito 935 alloys, Bola B1’s or a swap over for original RS items.

I much prefer the look of 19 inch wheels on the ST which does make the ride a little rougher but definitely worth the trade off for the improved looks


Now mine has a few little extras fitted but as a whole the ST is a fairly pleasant place to be anyway.

First there is a Flat bottomed steering wheel which looks very similar to standard.

I took the time to cover the stereo fascia and gear stick surround with some carbon fibre wrap which is a dirt cheap mod but looks far better than just the plain black plastic.

Recaro Gel badges on the seat backs in the front and rear are cheap but a bugger to fit in my experience.

Next is a custom alloy gear knob with the ST logo etched in.. Real decent quality item which weirdly changes the entire feel of changing gear. This is paired with a short shift kit. Once again it’s dead cheap and surprisingly easy to fit just with removing the gear gaitor.

Footwell lighting is fitted as standard but for some reason Ford did not fit the bulbs. I chose a blue bulb to match the other blue in my car.

Now on mine there is also an additional Prosport Turbo gauge in the dash heater vent closest to the driver. Recommended if you are running more power as the Ford one on the top of the dash is not even close to being accurate.

Engine and Engine Bay

The ST goes well anyway and has a good mount of torque.. This is usually not enough though after a while with a heap of ST owners..

Remapping is available from a good number of Companies. Mine has been done by Dreamscience and is approx 335bhp with the aid of an upgraded Airtec intercooler, RS injectors, clutch and plugs. Milltek ultimate catback exhaust and decat.

Forge actuator and recirculating valve.

There’s a few pop and bangs but nothing over the top, just a nice rumble to enhance the 5 pot sound.

There’s a Wisbech Crossover pipe and air filter, a rather sweet looking looking Anembo Plenum and Engine cover plus various other Carbon covers splashed around.

The Ecu was relocated with an RS Housing to allow enough room for the massive airfilter.

It has a Summit Racing strutt brace to help stop the flex after replacing the suspension with Bilstein B8 shocks and Cobra Springs.

Odds and sods

Just some extra little bits like painting the wheel hubs and repainting the Brake calipers.

Applying some new fog light bulbs and licence plate bulbs with far brighter led units.

Also for about a pound i wrapped the fog light lenses with yellow film from ebay.

The wing mirrors have been swapped with newer versions and the covers swapped from colour coded silver to black.


I’m sure there’s more and i’ll add to it if i think of anything.

I’ll also place a link to a youtube video of a walkaround and quick drive in case anyone’s interested in looking..

Click link here—

Thanks for reading – please share or leave comments and i will reply

Golf Gti mk2 restoration

Golf Gti mk2 Restoration

Right back from the late 80’s i’d always tried to get my hands on one of the Holy Grail hot hatches.

I’d been through most makes but the one that somehow i never managed to get my hands on was either an 8v or 16v Golf Gti mk2.

They had always either just sold, had a deposit put on or had inter galatic mileages on and were still demanding hefty prices.

After a few attempts to get one i eventually came across an 8v model in black which looked a knockout. It was a decent price and had good mileage. Thought i’d struck gold!!

However after the initial excitement i thought ok Rob be sensible, get an HPi done and if it’s all good make an offer.

This is where it fell apart very quickly. Turns out the bloody thing was a damage repair. Sod it i thought i’m giving up on Golf gti’s.

I put them out of my head until many years later.

Return of the Golf Gti mk2

20 plus years later after shunning the Golf the want for one reared it’s head again. This time to buy either a snotter and begin a Golf Gti mk2 Restoration or save myself time, money and aggravation and buy one already done.

Scanned Autotrader and eBay for a suitable vehicle. Came by a couple and headed of to see one in a place called Sudbury which is close to me and upon turning up the usual wave of car gitters/excitement was beginning to bubble up.

This initially looked a great example from the outside, Black, Lowered, nice alloys and a few nice little trinkets to make it stand out from the standard model. However after a test drive and being let down the state of the headlining and interior in general it just wasn’t speaking to me so i left and started checking around again.

Whisper in my Ear

Whilst speaking with my Girlfriend about the subject one night she just happens to mention that a friend of hers was into restoring cars and she wasn’t sure but thought he had been doing a Golf or Polo or something.

So hearing this i asked her to make contact and find out for me.

After what seemed like ages (really just like an hour or something silly but i’m impatient!) the reply came back.

It was the news i was waiting for, the vehicle he was currently doing was in fact a Golf MK2 Gti.

Not only that but it was pretty much just finished and he was after a new project so was looking to sell.

Here’s a couple of pictures just to show you what the end result of many hours of hard work had accomplished and the first pictures i got to see of this potential new car.

A visit was arranged and i was already counting down the hours.

We arrived at the location and hidden away in the Garage was a freshly completed Purple/Helios blue Gti.

It was started and pulled out and as it hit the daylight this Golf looked almost like the day it left the factory.

Original BBS wheels, Big Bumper, Original Gti front grille. However it didn’t sound like just a bog standard Gti, this thing sounded mean in comparison.

On it’s journey this was no normal Golf Gti mk2 restoration, the owner had in fact outfitted it with 2.8 VR6 engine.

All nicely done and as the bonnet was lifted my enthusiasm grew as i’m rather keen on a good 0 – 60 which even before test driving i knew this would be fun and reasonably quick.

We are now out having a test drive and as i thought it was very quick for an old car and it sounded brilliant with a custom built exhaust and that VR6 engine. The rest of the car was almost standard, the interior was in great nick and the dash all looked like new. Thankfully it was the model with power steering which was a relief and came with central locking too which were real luxuries as far as old Golf Gti’s go.

This was shaping up to be next purchase i thought.

Once we got back i was introduced to a rather lage selection of spares that had been bought and stashed in the ceiling area of the garage which would all come with the sale as the owner was moving on and looking to get himself a mk2 ford escort.

Luckily he had catalogued the Golf’s journey from the first day he’d bought it right through the restoration process which i’ll share with you in a few selected pictures.

My years of waiting for a Golf GTi has finally been realised.

Buying my Dream Car Part 3

Buying my Dream Car

If you’ve read part 2 then you’ve got a good idea of my next car on the list.

Essentially i’d enjoyed my ownership of the 996 convertible so much i’d decided to purchase another.

This time i had decided to buy a hardtop version and i’d also decided to try and get myself a tiptronic.

Once again a visit to a local place called Finlay Gorham to see if i could find something that fitted the requirements.

Owning my Dream Car

Seemed luck was on my side.

I’d found a Dolphin Grey C4S widebody model 996 with a tiptronic box.

Fell in love with it straight away, low miles, full service, newer style headlights, right price and came with the nice wheels and Bose upgraded stereo. It also looked s much wider than my previous model which was really nice.

A quick test drive around the lanes close to the dealer and i knew i had to have it.

Also after going through a winter in the 2 wheel drive 996 it was gonna be nice to actually have a 4 wheel drive version.

This one had a few more horsepower, not much but enough to satisfy my lust for an upgrade all round. The only thing it lacked was heated seats which i knew i could fit myself before the bad weather was back.

Did it live up to expectations

This after a few months of ownership had proven itself to be a far better car than my 996 c2.

I guess just being a hardtop just made it feel so much more taught. It handled corners like it was on rails and having the 4 wheel drive meant you could essentially drive it the same in the wet or dry.

In the end it was sold as i needed something larger and more practical. My next choice was a real change of pace.

Would i have another?

These days i’m not so sure that i would. Nothing to do with the car itself but more that after having a couple i found myself reluctant to leave it anywhere without the fear of some swine scratching it or just inflicting damage of some sort.

It’s weird because you can have far pricier cars that people wouldn’t even think of keying or damaging but for some reason a Porsche does attract some real idiots who think that the owner is rich and can afford to fix it!

Plus these days there are some seriously nice cars about that have all the power and luxury but seem to blend in attracting far less unwanted attention.

Personal Conclusion

My final thoughts are, Yes these are great cars and do deserve their reputation especially as you can pick up a fairly decent older model 996 for no more than a 3 series or Audi a4 or something. Even the servicing is a good price if you use an independent Porsche specialist.

If you buy one you will love it.

Buying my Dream Car Part 2

Buying my Dream Car

After being fortunate enough to get behind the wheel and own my first Dream Car i was now on the hunt for my next.

The Skyline R32 GTR had proven to be a fantastic Car that provided an immense thrill every time i put the key in and started it. The driving pleasure was out of this world and the power was addictive which partially lead to my decision to move.

The power was so intoxicating and so available from whatever speed i was going that it was beginning to get me upto licence losing speeds at the blink of an eye and i’d had a few lucky escapes so with a heavy heart i decided to sell and try and get myself off the power roller coaster.

As always i’m looking at autotrader and other various car selling sites. On one of my many visits i came to realise that i could possibly get myself into Porsche of some kind whether it be a Boxster or maybe a nice 911/996.

Here we go again!

Owning my Deam Car

I came close to doing an exchange for a 2000 Porsche 996 c2 with a gt3 kit on which really looked fantastic but was all the way down in Plymouth so that was a no goer.

Then after finding a local dealer who specialised in Porsches of all years and price points i headed out for a nose.

Upon arrival i was overwhelmed at the array of cars. There were a few within my price range and i was taken out for test ride in the first one. I must say i was really surprised how planted this 996 felt on the road. The drive was around wet and narrow country lanes and it felt so stable and assured in these rubbish conditions.

After that initial drive i knew one of these 996’s would be my next car. Didn’t buy any of the ones i looked at because now i was sure i wanted one i thought i’d have a good look round.

Research had turned up a great looking 996 convertible in black in southend.

Saturday morning my Dad and i headed down to look.

The chap had it locked up in his garage and had barely used it.

As he reversed it out my excitement grew, it had really nice 19 inch alloys and a bespoke beige leather interior with embroided Porsche Logos in the headrests. It was in fabulous condition considering it was over 10 years old. He had loads of service history, spare keys and receipts galore. The hardtop was part of the sale and one of my favourite things was switchable exhaust.

A test drive later and the car was mine.

Did it live up to expectations

Driving homeward after the purchase i couldn’t have been happier. Pulling up to traffic lights and having people staring was a great feeling. I was in a Porsche for cliff’s sake.

On the dual carriageway it felt superb, effortless power and stability, not crazy fast but just smooth linear acceleration. Totally different to just sold GTR.

Summer was just round the corner but there was no way i was waiting to get the roof down anyway.

I made a few alterations to the 996 which were really just upgrading lighting and the stereo plus some red wheel tape to help break up the black alloys from the black of the tyres.

All in all this 996 was a brilliant car and more than lived up to the hype you always hear about Porsche’s

Would i have another

Well at the time of having this car i can only say YES.

As you’ll see from my next Dream Car article i did in fact go on to have another.

Personal Conclusion

Overall i loved this car and just it’s daily supercar reputation.

The looks you get when even driving an old Porsche is a nice touch as people seem to think you are richer than you probably are and for someone brought up on a council estate it’s a superb feeling.

It was reliable, fun to drive, surprisingly economical and great in all weather.

Buying my Dream Car Part 1

Buying my Dream Car

I’ve always had a few cars in mind when it comes to Dream cars and some have just been so far out of reach they will very likely be exactly that, just a dream car.

Being a child growing up in the 70’s and watching things like James Bond and seeing stuff like Jenson Interceptors and Ferrari Dinos on TV along with some American muscle cars i had big ideas of what i’d like but by the time i was old enough to drive most of these came with an astronomical price tag or simply so rare a young fella from a council estate was not gonna get his hands on one!

However a few on my list were within my grasp once i sorted out my finances and i’d gone through the usual types of starter cars and a few hot hatches i would finally get my chance at owning something a bit more exotic.

After having great fun in Astra GTEs and a good selection of the Ford range, Xr3i’s, Xr4x4, Xr4i, RS Turbo i switched over to Renault and both the 5 GT Turbo and 21 Turbo where fabulous.

Next came a rather dull couple of years after becoming a Dad to twins and my attempt to be a little sensible. My god i think my mind has just tried to wipe that selection of cars out!

Anyway i’m drifting here so back on track.

Some excitment came back with one of my favourite cars i’ve owned, it was a Nissan 300zx twin turbo which thankfully i managed to get the kids in the back.

Turbo cars were now back in my life and if you’ve owned one you’ll know that it’s hard to go back to a naturally aspirated car after having one.

Japanese cars would now capture all my attention for the next few years.

Next was a Subaru WRX and follwed very closely behind by a Toyota Supra with the pop out roof. 400bhp an the quickest car i’d owned.

Then came my first Dream Car.

Owning my Dream Car

First Dream Car – Nissan Skyline R32 GTR.

Wow this car was like nothing else.. Made my Supra feel slow.

The chap i bought it from had gone absolutely crazy getting everything mechanically upgraded.

The list of things done would fill this page, thousands and thousands had been spent, i could not believe how brutally fast this was.

Brand new Nur spec engine,


new turbos,tomei exhaust, uprated fuel pump, new larger injectors, strutt braces, tein suspension, endless brakes, rota wheels, stand alone ecu plus hundreds of others.

This was essentially a race car for the road. Only downside with it was the clutch which was awful and i stalled it everywhere so once i sold the supra i got a Coppermix clutch flown from japan  and fitted.

Cost over 2 grand but it made it drive beautifully and now i could use it everyday like any normal car.

The power was fully adjustable and ranged from 600bhp up to just over 800bhp. It was a complete monster and would out accelerate nearly anything that came near.

I’ll do a full write up as it deserves a complete article.

Did it live up to expectations

In a word, YES!

It was insanely fast and at the same time could be driven everyday in relative comfort.

Even the fuel economy was good as long as you didn’t hoon it round everywhere.

Mind you it went down to about 6 mpg if you gunned it!

Also it looked like a fairly plain old Nissan which unless you knew about cars you really wouldn’t take much notice of.

In the end i sold it because the draw of my next dream had taken hold.

Would i have another

I would love to have another GTR or hang on let me rephrase that.

An R32, R34 or the Newer R35 i would take in a heartbeat just because they are ballistically fast and reliable.

Pound for  pound you simply can’t get more performance and excitment for the money

They are infinitalely upgradeable and in such demand these days that you can have one and get a good chunk of the purchase price back when you sell,

Personal Conclusion

If you can afford to buy, run and insure one then don’t think about, just do it as it will be some of the most fun you can have.

My experience with GTR will remain in my memory forever and i’ve never found that exhilaration again from any car i owned.